Sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ With Those Who Believe They Are Hopeless

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We are passionate about reaching the poor, the outcast, and the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How can you help? One way is by supporting this ministry financially. If you feel led to do so, visit our GIVE page, or click the link below.


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Are you ready to go on a Mission Trip? Perhaps you've been on many. Maybe you've never gone at all, but you've always wanted to. Whatever your circumstances are, we are all called to take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world. If you're interested in partnering with us for your trip, visit the GO page or click the link below.


PRAY | Our Most Powerful Weapon Is Prayer

Our Life Mission takes prayer very seriously. In fact, part of our ministry here in the United States is aimed at a prayer initiative for our missionaries who are on the field. Visit our PRAY page or click the link below to learn more about that aspect of our ministry.


Welcome To Our Life Mission

The story of the Sheep and the Goats in Mathew 25:31-46 gives a clear picture of God’s desire for us to help those in desperate need, describing that literally, what you do for your Brother you are doing unto Christ. Our Life Mission is a Christian organization that is establishing an effective means of reaching hurting people with food, education, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. Our Life Missions is currently providing spiritual and physical aid to the Gypsy people in Romania, with the desire to expand to other areas throughout the World.

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