About Us

Our Life Mission was founded in 2016 in Bartow County, Georgia. We are currently providing ministry opportunities to the greater Atlanta metro area and partnering with established field missionaries in Romania. We offer a great opportunity for churches or individual Christians to help the local community of Atlanta and surrounding regions or join temporary missionary teams and help the Roma Gypsy people in Romania. We will provide a leader for all events and/or trips and make all the necessary arrangements for travel, accommodations, agenda, etc. Through our support, we are able to reach many people throughout the world with a variety of different community outreach programs in multiple places.

Our Life Mission has a calling and a passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help support those in need all around the world. However, events and far away mission trips are only one aspect of Our Life Mission. There are also projects to get involved with, monthly support needed, and many other opportunities for those who feel called to join in and help out.

These links will provide more information about our organization.