Bianca’s Story

Meet Bianca, a beautiful little girl. We have the awesome pleasure of confirming that Bianca is now living with missionaries John and Rita Fracker, in Romania, and is a total bundle of love.

Rita and John first met Bianca about a year ago. At the time, she was living in a very abusive situation, surrounded by a world of prostitution, abuse and despair.  She was often beaten and neglected in the home where she was living. Our Life Mission and people like you around the world have been praying for her from the moment she was introduced to us.

Now, after a year, God has opened the door for Bianca to stay with the Frackers and leave behind the life she knew.  They have been granted custody of Bianca and she is all smiles and hugs…totally full of joy!

Almost six years old, she’s the height of a three-year-old and she’s unable to communicate as other children her age.  Signs of abuse are saddening; bruises on her back, legs and arms; her feet swollen and burned from a stove.  Her precious life, in which she seemed unloved and unwanted, was virtually without hope.

But Bianca has hope now for a brighter future.  It’s the hope of Jesus Christ brought directly to her by the Fracker family and, by extension, Our Life Mission.

She will start school soon, once her shots and papers are completed. She is a bundle of love wishing to please everyone she meets. She is seeking and desiring what the world needs – love. We are blessed to be a part of her life.

Bianca has sparked a new ministry for Our Life Mission. We are in the process of planning a rescue house to reach out to children in need – just like Bianca. With cooperation from local Romanian authorities, and backing from the United States, this safe house, or what we like to call “Bianca’s House of Love” is in the works. We will share more on this project in the future so please keep Bianca and the “House of Love” project in your prayers.

You can join us in sharing that love as we seek to build a future not only for Bianca but for others in the same condition she was in. Please join us in prayer and ask God how you can help. If God has been faithful in answering Bianca’s prayers, he can be faithful in answering yours, too.  God bless you.

Check out the vision for the new Children’s Home By Clicking Here