Viile Tecii

“Jesus had compassion. We do, too.  Lives are changed through our work here; Romani lives and the lives of those who visit.” (Missionary John Fracker)

As pastor of the Our Life Mission church in Viile Tecii, John Fracker helps share “hope.”  As the group proclaims, they are “Sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with those who believe they are hopeless” – not only in Viile Tecii, but in Pintic, in Posmus, Tonciu, Vatava, Peris, Apalina and Reghin. In the process they are equipping and energizing local pastors to continue to spread God’s word, to grow the Kingdom.  “We want to equip these people to continue the ministry themselves,” he says.

Fracker and his wife, Rita, are the full-time missionary team in Romania.  The two are working with local pastors to reach the Roma people, or Gypsies, one of the country’s largest minorities.  In many respects, the Roma experience has been like that of American blacks in the 1940s and ‘50s. They are people in need of hope.

This year, plans are being developed for mission teams from the USA and for additional church plantings, perhaps in Peris or Vatava.  There are opportunities to support Our Life Mission – through prayer, financial support or on mission.  You can also pray for and support Our Life Mission’s children’s ministry (Awana), women’s ministry, Bible distribution efforts and in other ways.

Our Life Mission states: We believe that the ministry of evangelism and discipleship is a responsibility of all followers of Jesus Christ.  That responsibility is being carried out in Viile Tecii and surrounding communities.