United States

More involvement in local community and an established disaster relief team to support the Southeast region after major natural disaster and weather events

Vision for 2017 project in Viile Tecii. Keep in mind God is a big God and can answer huge dreams that he cast in us!


  1. Church sanctuary with room to grow and reach the whole village with a place that will draw in the people.
  2. Class rooms upstairs over the house of love for Sunday school classrooms on Sunday for children and worship time for children.
  3. The classrooms can be used to hold seminars for teaching future pastors and missionaries, as well as special classes for youth.
  4. One day a week offer in the classrooms in the evenings a music class
  5. Also classrooms during the week hire a teacher to offer a private Christian school for the children in the house and children in the church.

Bianca’s House of love

  1. Rescue children living in abuse and subjected to trafficking.
  2. Offer a safe place to live and be loved as God would love his children.
  3. Help with medical needs and health issues
  4. Education and future
  5. Will house start with 6 children and Foster parents.
  6. We can have internships from USA come and volunteer for 3-6 months and help with children, teaching.